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Student Information--What do you already know?

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Your student is from a foreign land and tells you that he cannot remember his birth date and he has no birth certificate as he is a refugee and comes to the US without paperwork. What do you record for his birth date?

Under Social Security #, if a student cannot recall all the digits of their social security number you would:

Your student tells you they are an immigrant from India. What Ethnicity will you choose for them?

A student tells you they are working 30 hours per week. Under NRS guidelines, this student is:

A student goes through the intake process on September 22, 2008 but he did not begin attending class until October 10, 2008. What is the correct Program Start Date for this student?

If a student tells you they just moved here from France and need to learn to speak English better. This student would be a(n)

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